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Foxy’s Gentlemen’s Hair Studio

With being new in the city and only less than a month living in Barrie, we still figure out our way around and discovering new places. When it comes to finding a hairdresser, we are not picky but a the same time we want to find a place that we can become a regular. We found Foxy’s Gentlemen’s Hair Studio from Google search and it was on our way home from work. The studio is located on 559 Essa Rd Unit D5, Barrie.

We called first to make sure we don’t need to book an appointment in advance. The lady who answered the phone was friendly and welcoming our walk-in request. When we got there, we were impressed with the decor and waiting area. It was well decorated and equipped with comfortable lounge chairs, sofa, magazines, TV and Keurig coffee machine. The place was busy for a Friday evening and we waited for about 20 min – which we didn’t mind at all while enjoying complimentary coffee and Easter egg chocolates. You also can order sandwich and beer while you wait. Yes B-E-E-R! You hear it right! Men’s haircut is priced at $19.99 plus tax and you are automatically entered in their loyalty program. After your 5th cut, you will get your 6th for 50% off.


We were happy with the services and will definitely come back again. Maybe next time for beer and haircut!

Succulents Love

First time I heard of “succulent” 🌵was when my coworker took me plant shopping to decorate her new office desk. She just occupied a new corner desk and would like to get an office plant to brighten up her work area. She decided to buy a Jade plant, since it is pretty easy to maintain, all you need is water, some love, and sunlight. And that’s how I learned about Succulents! Jade plant (Crassula) is a type of succulent and a very popular houseplant – it’s also known as a friendship tree, money tree and lucky plant. I bought my Jade plant from IKEA Vaughan for $9.99 and three other mini succulents for $3.99 each.

Jade plant (Crassula) $9.99 each at IKEA


Succulent plants (Haworthia Pumila, Echeveria Lilacina, Echeveria Peacokii) $3.99 each at IKEA


The IKEA plants come with a basic instruction sticker on how to care for them.

Since this is my first time caring for succulents indoor,  I’ve done some researches and reading gardening tips/tricks online. Here are my compilation of the basic care treatments for my succulents:

  1. Light – succulents love lots of light and will thrive in a sunny, dry, and cool weather.
  2. Water – only water the succulents when the top soils are becoming dry to touch. Although succulents enjoy enough water, excessive water will cause rot problems.
  3. Soil – coarse, dry, and airy soil. Succulents are just like us, they hate wet socks! It’s important to have a well draining soil – this can be done by mixing perlite and sands to your regular gardening soil.
  4. Pot – while it’s possible to grow succulents in pots without drainage, it is recommended to choose a pot with drainage holes to decrease the plants’ risk of disease and death. Gravels can also be added to the bottom of the container to help increase drainage.
  5. Love – just like anything else, your love and care will keep your succulents alive :)

I hope you enjoy my post and photos! Happy succulents and happy Spring! 🌷

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